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CodeGrazer, founded in 2018, is a penetration testing Ltd. company based in Leeds, UK. CodeGrazer offers information security services to protect the IT assets of private companies aiding in reaching the highest standards of security in the Infosec Industry. With CodeGrazer there is a guarantee for quick scoping turnaround, high quality testing and detailed, comprehensive reporting adhering to the highest standards in the industry. Prior to vulnerability investigations, we are happy to offer our consultation services, evaluate your company’s requirements and advise in a professional way on what course of action to take to make the best of what we can offer. During our activity we offer full support to the IT department to fully understand discovered vulnerabilities and how to fix them elaborating on how to best guard the system depending on the particular scenario in discussion. Furthermore, web application retests are on us!

Nicodemo @nijagaw Gawronski has been in the computer security industry for 10 years and has experience in the field from a variety of infosec activities. His career started during University through a placement year granted by the Glasgow Caledonian University where he was working on his degree in Digital Forensics, Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking with a final dissertation on iOS forensics. His first contact with the Hacking Industry was through one of Leeds’ best penetration testing companies, Sec-1 Ltd., where well-established pen-testers thought him the ins and outs of security consulting, professional confidentiality, high quality standards of data analysis and reporting. His knowledge grew gradually, enriched by learning alongside incredibly talented white-hat hackers some of the tricks of social engineering and hardware hacking, as well as through intense activity in parallel with his job, researching web and mobile application vulnerabilities, growing his programming skills, earning his CREST {CRT} certificate and practicing through bug bounty hunting where he reached the top 10 on the bug bounty platform named Bugcrowd. He has maintained his interest in bug hunting over the last 10 years and has increased his activity over other platforms such as Hackerone, Synack, Zerocopter and Dvuln. The opportunities he has been given to test for major clients such as Yahoo, Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, Cisco, HP, Indeed, Pinterest, Netgear, Freelancer, have lead him to be able to enumerate over 568 confirmed discovered vulnerabilities with an accuracy of 99.47%, from the simplest cross-site scripting (XSS) to remote command execution (RCE).

Services include: Internal Penetration Testing, Web Application and Mobile Security Assessments, IoT and Hardware Devices Security Assessments, Firewall Reviews and Phishing and Social Engineering Campaigns and finally Pre Bug bounty assessments.

Provided services are covered by legal contract, insured by professional indemnity and supported by full confidentiality through signed NDAs.

“I munch on code. Your code. It's good for me, it's good for you.”